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Facial Rejuvenation with Mesotherapy

Orlando, Fla.--So this is a use of Mesotherapy you probably weren't aware of, right? Though it isn't known so much in the US for facial rejuvenation, in Europe is has been practiced for years by many doctors.

Mesotherapy for the face is a non-surgical procedure that focuses on rejuvenation through micro-injections of nutrient-rich formulas into the mesoderm (which is about 4-6 mm beneath the skin’s surface).  From hydration to a dull complexion, the mixtures in the injection are often unique to the skin-concern involved. Research indicates that facial mesotherapy provides great results for boosting collagen reproduction, wrinkle depletion and other signs of aging through a cocktail of ingredients: hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes and antioxidants in order to help the skin replenish.

The mesotherapy for hydration protocol consists of four sessions. The four sessions are carried out weekly or fortnightly depending on the availability of the patient. To ensure efficacy and even delivery of product to the skin, the treatment is performed with an automated mesogun, ensuring that each individual injection perforates the skin at the same depth and with the same amount of product.

Before considering any form of treatment it is crucial to take a thorough at the patients medical history, thereby ensuring mesotherapy is not contraindicated, just one of the great benefits of DNF Esthetics being a part of DNF Medical Centers. This should be followed by a full explanation of what the patient can expect, the length of time that the treatment will take and the maintenance required to maintain the effects on the patient’s skin. The patient will need to be aware of its implications because it will involve commitment and continuity, which have a direct impact on its cost.

Depending on the severity of aging concerns, 3-5 sessions spaced 10-14 days apart are needed. In order to extend the lifespan of results a session every 1-2 months is generally recommended after the initial set of facial mesotherapy treatments.


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